Best Curly Hair Conditioner

The best conditioner for curly hair would be one that essentially improves the quality of your hair. Knowing that curly hair of all textures has specific characteristics like dryness and tangles (which could lead to breakage), it’s important for the curl conditioner to supply your hair with the essential nourishment needed to combat these characteristics. If you want to experience a new level of love for your curls, obtaining the right conditioner is a MUST!

CURLS hair care products are award-winning and formulated with quality, natural and helpful ingredients.

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Conditioning Tips and FAQ’s

Look for Slip in Your Curl Conditioner:

Slip is a term that essentially means “slippery.” Curly girls are looking for a conditioner that will surround the strands and give the slippery feeling when applied. This “slip” is helpful when detangling the hair as well as protecting the hair throughout the conditioning and styling process. The “slippery” feeling allows for fingers, or other styling tools to virtually “slide” through, thus saving your strands from the rips and tears that could occur when handling your hair.

Q. “Why is conditioning critical for curly hair?”

A. While cleansing the hair, you will notice clumps of curls begin to gather or you will catch knots or other snags. While it is extremely tempting to attempt to rid your hair of these snags, doing so with shampoo on your threads, could be disastrous. This is because the purpose of the lather whether creamy or sudsy, in your shampoo or cleanser, is for the sake of cleansing. Therefore, on a microscopic level, your hair is releasing dirt and washing away debris, oils and other things that have no place in a healthy hair environment.

This manipulation that occurs throughout the cleansing process, can prevent effective detangling, simply because a cleanser is not formulated to detangle and condition. On the other hand, a formulated conditioner is made to adhere nutrients to the outer cuticle layer as well as within the cortex of the hair. Therefore it is recommended that the detangling portion of the hair regimen, should most often occur with conditioner in the hair. This ideal time is appropriate for combing through the hair while the strands are being separated, detangled and strengthened.

Look for Moisture in Your Conditioner:

What does naturally curly hair need the most? Moisture! We can all agree that dryness is typically the number one challenge of CURListas. Therefore you MUST find a conditioner that is formulated to help support this pressing need for hydration. Look for words that indicate that the product you are purchasing is a hydrating conditioner. You will see words like moisturize, hydrate, or even replenish. The real test however will be whether or not you see those curls POP! The secret to the best curls of your life is in how effective you are at moisturizing your hair.

One ingredient to look for is cetyl and cetearyl alcohol. While alcohols get a bad reputation at times, these two are on the good side. These fatty alcohols act as a gentle humectant, naturally derived from coconut oil. Their function is to attract and retain moisture to your hair strands. Therefore as you go along your day, these two healthy alcohols will provide a protective barrier around the hair strands and enhance moisture levels by drawing moisture out of the air and into your hair. The results will be less frizz, more control and the shine will be spectacular! Check out the ingredients in our Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Mask to see how these two moisturizing alcohols work with other ingredients to keep your curls happy and healthy.

In fact, one myth about frizzy hair is that frizz, in essence, is the result of the hair grasping for moisture. When you improve your moisture levels, you will feel your curls respond and see your frizz begin to diminish!

So now you know! The best conditioner for curly hair will do all of these great things for your hair which includes; providing slip and retaining moisture. With regular use, you can expect to see longer, stronger, healthier curls with the best conditioner for curly hair.

Look for Organic Ingredients in Your Conditioner:

Nature has a way of providing all of the resources we need to be successful in so many areas in our lives. Hair care is one of them! Our environment is full of plant based extracts and oils that enhance our curly hair, providing it with moisture and nurture that is so needed. One unique factor about curly hair is the twist and turns of each tendril. Each coil marks a point in which damage could occur, therefore the more curl or coil you have, the more you are susceptible to damage and breakage. Organic ingredients will adhere to your strands without weighing your hair down and will also give it the goodness that is requires.

Some ingredients that your hair will love include organic coconut oil and aloe leaf juice. These ingredients are highly protecting and enhancing of the curls as well as the scalp, for improved hair growth. These ingredients can be found in the Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Mask to treat your hair to deeply conditioning moisture. If you see one of these items or other plant based ingredient, smile, you are on the right track!