Are you a victim of frizzy curls that won’t stop drying at any cost and that would blow up like a balloon especially when you have to head out somewhere important? Well, my friend, if your answer to this is a “yes”, I have the perfect remedy for you. What you need to do is adopt some useful biracial haircare tips that would put an end to your miserable hair issues for good.

Okay, for biracial haircare, first you need to get rid of your hairbrush that has been lying on your dresser for far too long. Hairbrushes are not meant for curly hair especially for curls that have dry texture. Instead of a hairbrush, you need to get a fine quality comb. Now, there are many kinds of combs, but you should get one that has wide-teeth; it is also known as a rake comb. Comb your hair around two-three times a day especially before and after washing your hair. Moreover, when you comb your hair, it is better to divide your hair in sections so your curls do not tangle much.

Next, you need to get excellent shampoo and conditioner for curly hair. You would find many shampoos and conditioners of various brands in the market and you might be lured by an expensive brand but you need to choose your products very carefully. Make sure that the product you select is free from sulfur and contains moisturizing ingredients like almond oil or yogurt. Shampoos and conditioners by CURLS are really good too and have done wonders for thousands of curlistas.

You should shampoo about twice a week; three times is okay too but do not let it exceed that as frequent shampooing tends to drain moisture out of curly hair. In addition, you should oil your hair for about one hour before washing it. Use oils like almond, olive or coconut oil so your hair gets its share of moisture and stays full of volume.

So start using these biracial haircare remedies and they will definitely help you but you need to stay regular and patient.


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