Q : My 2-year-old has somewhat thick, semi-coarse but wavy hair. Her curls are usually very tight after I shampoo and condition her. But the day after and so on ( I wash her hair every three days), it gets dry and coarse-looking. Can you advise me on what to use that’s alcohol-free to keep her curly and well -moistured? Thank you. Tricia Young-Shaw

Mahisha : I would recommend Moist Curls moisturizer for her hair. It is a daily leave-in conditioner/moisturizer that detangles, softens and defrizzes the curl.

Q : I have a 4-year-old girl who has been in a ponytail for longer than I care to admit. We wash her hair twice a week and condition it well, but I have found that her hair is breaking where the ponytail starts (the top layer-around her face). I always use a covered ponytail or fabric scrunchie, but the hair is still breaking and frizzy at the front. Are there some products out there that will make her hair stay relatively frizz and tangle free so that I can let her wear it down and give those ponytails a break? Her hair is relatively fine and somewhat straight at the root — maybe from all of the pulling from the ponytails. She has ringlets for the most part, but it gets tangled at the ends. I know you mentioned only washing once a week, but her hair gets stinky!!! If I wait a week the water is literally brown when we wash it. I don’t use oils on her as they seem to attract even more dirt. Any advice? Melinda

Mahisha : Regarding washing her hair once a week, this is HIGHLY recommended because over-shampooing can lead to dry, brittle hair. However, you can break the week up by giving her a conditioning rinse, which is what I always recommend to parents who present the same issue. Simply rinse her hair to remove styling products (this is where using the right products that are water soluble come in, such as Curly Q’s products), apply an ample amount of our Coconut Dream conditioner, comb through, rinse and proceed with styling. Doing so will pump much-needed moisture back into her hair without stripping away essential nutrients, rinse away unnecessary dirt and oil and give her a fresh clean start.

It sounds as if you are pulling and securing her ponytails too tightly, causing breakage around her hairline. This damage can be irreversible. You can continue to put her hair in ponytails, just secure them loosely. And always take the elastics out at night. Curly Q’s Moist Curls moisturizer is a great product for what you are looking for! It softens the hair, eases combability, moisturizes and conditions, and leaves a little goodness behind. Use this daily.

Q : My 4-month-old daughter is biracial (African American/Caucasian). She has a full head of hair – the texture is very fine but very curly and has a tendency to get a bit frizzy. My husband wants to put baby oil or a light grease in it. Up until this point, we have washed her hair every other day with a baby shampoo. At what age should we begin using other products in her hair and how often? What would you recommend for a regular regimen? We want to define her beautiful curls and reduce the amount of frizz! We would appreciate any recommendations! Thank you! Wendy

Mahisha : First and foremost, I highly recommend that you avoid using either baby oil or grease in her hair because both products are poor synthetic oils (either mineral or petrolatum). Both of these synthetic oils coat and suffocate the hair shaft, blocking moisture out, thus drying out the hair. If applied directly to the scalp, mineral and petrolatum oil can actually retard growth. If her hair requires oil, always opt for a natural oil such as our pure avocado, jojoba, coconut, almond, etc. These natural oils actually penetrate and moisturize the hair.

Your choice to add hair care products to her regime depends on her hair texture more than her age. All I think she would need, if anything at all, would be a little Moist Curls moisturizer. I started using it on my son’s curls when he was 6 months old, mainly because he was bald for such a long time. But you don’t need a lot — the size of a quarter, in the palm of your hand for the frizzy section is all. So one bottle should last you for long time!

Q : My daughter has thick, naturally curly hair. It is dry — just drinks everything that I put in it. But after reading your Q&A, I think I know why. I had been using Pink Oil or Moisture Max on her hair and grease or anything else that I thought would help keep it moist and not looking dried out. I only wash her hair once a week and get it straightened out once a year to get her ends clipped so it will continue to grow. She does get deep-conditioned once a month also. I have tried so many different products on her hair and I am still not happy with any of the results. I am only four years into the curly hair game, and do not know what to do. When I wash her hair it is simply beautiful — dark, curly (not really loose but not ringlets either), and long down her back. But when dry, it is big and shoulder length. I thinks she maybe a type 3C. I need to know how to maintain the curls after the hair dries. This is what I do to her hair daily:

  1. Wet ( cannot comb if not wet, too tangled)
  2. Spray with Infusium 23 leave-in treatment.
  3. Moisturize with anything: Pink Oil, Moisture Max, grease or may mix one of the moisturizers w/olive oil (I apply to the hair and scalp).
  4. Usually style with parts and twist or one ponytail on top or in back because it is going to dry.

My daughter wants to wear her hair down every day and I need to know a step-by-step method so I can do this for her on a daily basis without it drying out. Also, I need to know if I should be doing anything to it before she goes to bed at night to mold it or to get it trained. In the mornings it is a tangled mess even if I leave it in a ponytail as she sleeps. Rachel.

Mahisha : You have answered your own question. The products you are/were using contributed to her dry hair (read my response to the last question). Have you given her a deep treatment yet? You definitely need to start by giving her a deep treatment, with heat, weekly for the next few months. This will help her hair recover. Invest in a microhaircap available on our site for sale.(and a few plastic caps to cover her hair). This portable invention allows for the little busy body to be on the go while conditioning at the same time! You no longer have to sit her under a hot dryer or send her to a salon for deep treatment…do it yourself!

I also recommend that you try our CURL Ecstasy Hair Tea conditioner (also available in CurlMart). It will transform her dry tresses within minutes! This magical Asian tea formulation combines natural botanicals and vitamin-packed extracts with rich, exotic emollients to moisturize, condition, strengthen and protect her delicate locks. You also need to incorporate a daily moisturizer into her hair care regime. It sounds as if the Infusium 23 isn’t doing enough for you. I suggest you try Moist Curls moisturizer. Natural oils are always great so you can continue to use the olive oil for her hair and scalp without a problem. However, I would recommend that you substitute our Curly Q lotion for the other product and mix it with the olive oil. You will love this combo!

Regarding your nighttime routine, you cannot “mold” or “train” hair. Always remove elastics at night. If her hair is tangled in the morning, put it in four braids and tie it up in a scarf.