If you have Afro American style curl hair then you must take special care of your curls. Afro American hair tends to be generally dry, hence it needs extra moisturising. Hence one should only choose hair care products that are best suited for Afro American hair.
To start with use a shampoo that detangles your hair and nourishes it with natural ingredients. Ensure that the shampoo doesn’t dry your hair further. Next follow it up with a hair tea conditioner which will strengthen and moisturize your hair. If you hair is coarse select a hydrating moisturiser to soften it and give it that gloss.

Avoid perms, coloring and excessive combing if possible. Use only curly hair products, these are best suited for Afro American hair type.

Afro American hair needs care on daily basis and correct hair care can do wonders to it. Follow a disciplined hair care regime and you can sport healthy shiny Afro American hair.