The best way to beat the heat of summer is to plunge in the pool. But beware of the chlorine that can cause severe damage to you hair. Before you jump into the pool, drench your curls in normal water and apply a coat of hair conditioner. Make sure you wear a good swim cap. This way, you can prevent some damage at least.

Make sure you do not over shampoo and under condition your hair. This is the biggest harm you can cause to your curls. Treat your curls like a baby. Keep it hydrated and healthy. As much as you can, you must avoid gels, mousse and other synthetic products that can strip your hair off natural oils.

You need to pay extra attention to the ends of the hair. They are delicate and are mostly ignored. Curly hair is generally dry and frizzy. At times it becomes totally unmanageable. The easiest tip to have a healthy bunch of curls is to keep your hair hydrated with a proper conditioner, natural oils and other products. Eat a healthy diet and the result will show in your hair and skin.