Hair breakage is a common problem nowadays. There are various reasons why your hair can break. Here are some of them.

•    Hair can break if you have skin diseases like scleroderma or discoid lupus erythematosus.
•    Hormone imbalance is a major reason for your hair breakage. If there is lack of testosterone, then hair can break very easily.
•    Use of tight wigs, rubber bands and hats can also cause your hair to break.
•    Weak hair can be traced to hereditary factors. At times your genes are responsible for weak hair follicles.
•    With age, hair follicle becomes weak and results in breaking.
•    Another major reason for hair breakage is using too many styling products. Chemicals in these products weaken the shaft and this makes your hair prone to breakage. You also need to avoid excessive blow drying.

Once you know the exact cause why your hair is breaking, you will be able to take care of the problem better. Trace the real reason of hair breakage if you really want to resolve the problem