For those of you bestowed with curly or slightly frizzy hair, keeping it silky smooth can indeed be a challenge. Thankfully, there are many techniques that you can use under expert guidance to add luster and shine to them. It’s akin to taming your wild hair, so to say.

The worst enemy of frizzy or curly hair is extreme humidity. However, following some simple steps, you can make your curly hair truly beautiful, and keep it smooth. There are some wonderful products, which work well with frizzy hair. Any product, with a silicon derivative in it, will generally work fine.

They are usually called serums and appear like oil. Put just a couple drops on your palm, and rub your hands together. This will essentially warm and emulsify the hair product. Ensure that you do not pat your hair! Instead, simply work your fingers slowly through your hair, and as the hair brushes gently against your palm, the product will get transferred onto them.

Before you decide to head out for the day, and if you happen to live in hot and humid weather, you might need to give your hair a very light dusting of hair spray. (Remember, it does not have to be stiff, there’re lots with a loose hold). This will tend to keep the hair cuticle protected, and less likely to frizz during the day.