Does your hair gives you a look of a bushy nest of unorganized frizzy curls? Do not worry, as you are not the only one to be upset about it. Today, many gals with actually beautiful curls do not pay heed in taking utmost care of their hair. Sometimes, they even get their hair permanently straightened out to get rid of curls. Now you need not take such a step without realizing that even you can give your curls a grand wavy look, by simply following the steps defined below.

•    Buy a good conditioner with moisturizer that does not flatten out your curly hair. Do not use anything that tends to strip down your curls. You may always look for something that smells delectable but contains more of moisture, so that it is maintained in your hair. If you find your hair looking dull and dry, you should know you might be using a conditioner with over-moisturizing content.
•    Avoid shampooing your hair on a regular basis that can damage your hair. Remember, curly hair requires the natural oils onto your scalp to lessen frizz. Hair wash four times a week is advisable. When you are off, you may use the rinse and condition treatment.
•    Jump into the shower, rinse your hair with warm water and shampoo them, if desired. Alternatively, you may instead condition your hair without shampooing and scrub your scalp gently. It is recommended that you clean your hair with a non-sulfate shampoo or an organic shampoo after swimming in chlorinated water.
•    After conditioning, you may opt for a curl-defining gel or mousse to scrunch onto your hair upside down gently to give your roots a lift. Let your hair get dried naturally without using a blow dryer to avoid the development of frizz.
•    Visit your stylist about three times a year and get your split-ends trimmed and your hair reshaped if healthy. Do not use a razor for giving them a layers’ cut to avoid further development of split-ends.
•    Avoid brushing your hair more often. Curly hair dry looks cool and fun to twirl with