Like all other hair types, curly hair also requires a lot of attention. In fact at times it demands more of your time than straight hair as it tends to be coarser and more brittle. The best way to maintain curly hair is to have a proper hair cut. The techniques cutting of curly hair are different from those of straight hair. Thus, you need to go to a professional. Improper cuts can make your curls look more frizzy and unmanageable.You also need to have appropriate tools to manage your hair. For instance, if you have thick curls, then you need a wide toothed comb. Your dryer must have a diffuser that will help you control frizz. In terms of hair products, curls need products that will provide a good amount of moisture to you hair. So your shampoos and moisturizers need to keep your hair moisturized. You can decide to keep a leave in moisturizer on your hair. There are also anti frizz gels that can be applied.

Try not to touch your hair unnecessarily. Avoid using a dryer too often. Curls are as it is coarse and dry. The best way is to naturally dry your hair.