Do you have curls for biracial hair? Are you tired of brushing them all day and have been unable to entangle them? Have you tried myriads of hair remedy tips but have had no luck with improving the quality of your hair? If you have answered any of these questions with a sad, dull “yes” then you should read along.

People who have curls for biracial hair need to try these amazing hair masks to get silky, soft and gorgeous curls.

3 Oils Hair Mask

This curly hair mask will nourish your curls and soften them. To prepare this, you will need ¼-cup Jojoba oil, ¼-cup coconut oil and ¼-cup olive oil. Mix all these oils in a big bowl and then apply 1/4th of this mixture to your hair before sleeping twice a week. Tie your hair into a ponytail or braids or cover it with a shower cap and sleep. Wash your hair when you wake up in the morning.

Egg and Banana Mask

If you want to drain out the entire frizz from your curls then this mask is perfect for you. Take 1 banana and mash it up; add 1 egg to it along with 3 tablespoons of milk, 5 tablespoons of olive oil and 3 tablespoons of honey; mix all these ingredients together and apply this mixture to your hair evenly. Wrap up your hair in a shower cap or cling wrap and keep the mask on for about 30-40 minutes then shampoo it followed by conditioning.

Avocado Mask

To make your curls velvety soft and shiny, you should try out this fantastic avocado hair mask. Take a ripe avocado and mash half of it in a bowl along with 2 teaspoons of virgin oil. Mix these ingredients until you get a smooth mixture and then apply it on your curls and leave it for about thirty minutes. After that, you should wash your hair thoroughly with cool water and fine quality shampoo.

Make use of these wonderful hair masks and soon you will be happy that you have curls for biracial hair.


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