Some people consider curly hair a curse laid upon them. This is because curly hair tends to get stuck a lot, hard to handle and can be an absolute nightmare in the morning. However, this can be fixed and you can surely call your curly hair a blessing.

For those who wish to care for their curly hair, first and foremost is to find the right shampoo. Buy creamier shampoos instead of clarifying or clear shampoos, as the creamy shampoos are designed to condition your hair. Conditioning hair softens it and is when your curls will actually ‘behave.’ Although, keep in mind that you shouldn’t condition your hair all the time, instead just get hold of a good quality heavy conditioner and use it while washing your hair. Moreover, make sure you stay away from straightening irons and curling wands. They roughen your hair in the long run, causing split ends and hair loss. To save your hair from getting frizzy, do not towel-dry because, unfortunately, this increases friction between the strands of hair, which leads to the hair being frizzy after you dry it out and you are likely to end up with a bird nest on your head.

Those of you who consider caking your hair with truckloads of hair products – you should beware! These products smooth your curly hair and make it look beautiful for a while, but tend to have numerous side effects, due to various chemicals present in them. However, if you must, then search out alcohol-free serums and gels.

Lastly, learn to love your hair. Curly hair is gorgeous and rare in women, if cared for and treated properly; they could be a sign of absolute beauty.


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