Frizz here, frizz there, and frizz everywhere. This is a funny rhyme I used to sing to my daughter a year back. She has biracial hair and her frizzy, wiry ringlets used to drive me crazy. Her hair used to be a mess no matter how much I brushed it and no matter what shampoo I used; and I had almost given up on it when a friend advised me to use some really useful biracial hair products for kids.

These biracial hair products for kids have done wonders for my daughter’s hair and surely will help your kids too.

• Wooden comb: It is a fantastic product for biracial hair. Hair combs do not tangle hair like hair brushes often do; nor do combs cause split ends in hair be it biracial or straight hair. You need to comb your kid’s hair 2-3 times a day with a good wooden comb, preferably one that has wider teeth. Moreover, do not forget to comb her hair especially after you wash it.

• Coconut Milk or Mustard Oil Shampoo for biracial hair: Use a shampoo for biracial hair that contains either coconut milk or mustard oil as both these ingredients are excellent conditioners and really good for frizzy curls. Biracial hair becomes frizzy because it becomes dry really quickly and doesn’t get adequate moisture. Conditioning ingredients like mustard oil and coconut milk supply moisture to your kid’s curls and keep it hydrated and full of volume.

• Fine quality leave-in conditioner: Whenever you wash your kid’s hair, you should condition it using a conditioner designed for biracial hair. A leave-in conditioner is a good option as it stays in the hair and continues to hydrate it as long as it is on. In addition, when curls are conditioned, it becomes easier to style them.

Get hold of these useful biracial hair products for kids and use them on a regular basis; soon you will notice a great change in your child’s wiry kinky hair.


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