Hair is generally divided into four basic types: type 1, 2, 3 and 4. Type 1 stands for straight hair, 2 is for wavy hair, 3 refers to curly hair and 4 signifies kinky hair. Curly hair textures 3 and 4 are further divided into subtypes.

Type 3 hair normally hair a springy “S” shape and is bouncy and well defined. It has a lot of volume and can be styled with ease too. Type 3 hair is not hard and is quite soft; though it has a tendency to become dry but supplying it with an adequate amount of moisture can restore softness in it.

The sub curly hair textures for type 3 hair are 3a, 3b and 3c. 3a curls are quite big, glossy and loose; they are very bouncy and look really cute if left open. Type 3b curls range from springy ringlets to tightly wounded corkscrews and type 3c hair is defined by lots of convoluted corkscrews. Of the three type 3 curly hair textures, 3c is the most difficult to style; straightening type 3c curls is often a big hassle and for doing that, you need to use good quality hair gels and creams.

Type 4 hair is best described by tightly coiled curls that have a visible curl pattern and are thin, dry, brittle and coarse too. It also has less layers of cuticle compared to type 3 and can be easily damaged from harsh brushing/ combing, blow-drying it and by heating it excessively. There are two basic types of 4 curly hair textures: 4a and 4b. 4a hair is very strongly twisted and shows S-shaped pattern if you stretch a type 4a curl. 4b hair has curls that have a Z-shaped pattern and is extremely parched and not well defined at all. Type 4 hair can be best managed by regular oiling and deep conditioning.


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