The human race can be divided into various ethnic groups. The ethnicity can be basically divided into three categories – Asian, Caucasian and African. The characteristics of the hair fibre vary depending on the ethnicity.

Caucasoid hair will have an oval cross-section that will result in straight hair or loose curls. It is more durable than African hair. Asian hair has a greater diameter and is straighter than any other ethnic group. Asians may have as few as 80,000 terminal hair follicles whereas Caucasians can have around 100,000. African hair is mostly over. This makes the hair very strong and rigid. It tends to be more curly. The cuticles are very thin and they can flake quite easily. African hair is quite difficult to manage due to its curly nature.

The ethnic difference in hair depends on the different hair shaft types that are produced by the hair follicles. The difference in the characteristic of the fiber relates to a difference in the chemical composition of hair, which varies in different ethnic groups. You get ethnic-specific hair growth products in the market based on the characteristics of the hair. This helps you in taking care of your hair better.