Did you Miss the CURLS Girls Rule the World Empowerment Luncheon?  No Problem, Here is the FULL Recap!


Image by Marrica Evans

So, what is #CGRTW?  It is the empowerment initiative by CEO and Founder of CURLS, Mahisha Dellinger and partner Tyrha Lindsey-Warren, MBA, ABD, Managing Director, L.A.I. Communications.  The pair teamed up to create this annual power-fest, bringing together hungry teens for a productive and effective, mentor relationship.  The event took place at the elegant Pappas Bros. Steakhouse and welcomed more than 75 girls to meet with Celebrity Mentors with a big heart to share and empower.  Together, they shared a delicious meal over in-depth discussions about one another’s backgrounds.


The afternoon ended with hope, and a chance for a successful future.  In the words of Celebrity Mentor, Myshel Wilkins, singer and songwriter, ” I left with a lot of hope…just overwhelmed with hope.  It feels like we are starting to awakening to the extreme need for mentorship.  There is something in the power of community that infuses into these young hearts.  I saw potential for those who have been forgotten, or felt lost.  They now can be a strong force in this world.  As it ended, I looked around the room and said I am so thankful for this. ”


There is no better time to have an event that gives back to young women during the month to “give back,”  the month of thankfulness.  November is a time for reflection and “Thanksgiving” offers the perfect opportunity to acknowledge one’s blessings, but also look forward to the future of the new year.  This occasion was born from feelings of gratitude.  Mahisha Dillinger shares why she was so elated to have this unique event in Dallas,“We are so proud of our CURLS Girls Rule the World Program and our Empowering Entrepreneurs Luncheon in Dallas.  Having a mentor and being exposed to business resources to helped me accomplish my dreams and was something I did not have when I was a young girl. Being able to provide girls with the opportunity to meet successful women, who will stay in touch with them, is truly giving the girls a leg up in realizing that whatever they dream is possible.”


Here is a peek into the minds of the Mentees:

  • ” I am thankful for receiving insight on what it’s like being a woman in our society in times like these.” – Marian Smith, Paul Quinn University.
  • ” I am thankful for connection with my mentors and the opportunity to build a relationship with them.  I plan to be an art district major and want to study business and need all the help I can get” – Sierra Paris, Paul Quinn University.
  • ” I am thankful for how the mentors expressed their lives with us. Everyone went through something different, yet they are similar to us.” – Chaundini Lee, Dallas Can High School.

From the perspective of the Mentors:

  • ” This experience was amazing. What an awesome opportunity to be blessed and to be a blessing.  Every single woman has most certainly increased my very existence.” Angela Madison, Producer, CBS
  •  ” My experience was great, I had 2 girls that I was really able to connect with.  They were honest and receptive to my tips and to my surprise, they asked a lot of questions.  One mentee lost both parents in 2 years.  I was happy to give and share my personal information so that she doesn’t feel alone. I appreciate the openness as I saw them overcome being shy with me.”  – Ashley T. Brown, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author and Conference Host
  • ” It was good!  They were a little quiet at first.  I thought it was good that some of them gravitated to me and others gravitated to the other mentor.  The girls became open and talkative and open enough to share about themselves and families and really weren’t intimidated by sharing.  I believe they received the message very well.  This was really good, for everybody.  Very educational and an opportunity to meet people.  It was pretty legit.” – Julian R. Addo, CEO & Founder, Bella Kinks DFW Natural Hair Expo
  • ” This was such a rewarding experience.  I was ” ear hustling: in the bathroom and heard one sister say,” I hope she will always be my mentor…”  What a difference in such a short amount of time her mentor has made on her.  I am thankful to be able to sit at a table and dispel some myths in regard to my industry, and encourage and give direction.  I don’t know how much will stick, but I know that something came through and I am very grateful for it.  I want to keep in touch!!!!! – Shammah Kinchen, CEO & Founder, Solutions by Shammah and AdornME.
  • ” My reflections of the day is this; it was a well spent day. The kids seem very receptive and I think they really fed of each other’s energy and felt like that was really cool. Because they were so young this us an excellent time to have an impact on them.  Right now, in 2017, this is a great time to look at the crossroads of our communities. As a mentor it is a good investment and hopefully we were able to plant a good seed that grows for these youth.” – Mattye Gouldsby Jones, Director, Coats/Rose

  • ” I live by the motto of ” each one, teach one.” It’s important for us to teach our story.  They are so young they don’t know the journey.  I had  students that were very open and receptive to ideas and the next steps.  I had others who disheartened me by the lack of opportunities in the arts provided by their schools and communities. However, some things I noticed were etiquette, and appreciation for successful woman to share their stories.  I encouraged them to please keep in touch.  Don’t just come and go, but know that we’re here because we want to share with them. I am not here to judge, but to be a support.  Now, they know somebody they can call on.  I can easily do that.” – Cheryl R. Winston, Senior National Director of Programming, Capitol Music Group.

One word to describe this occasion; POWER.  We opened with Tyrha Lindsey-Warren singing This Little light of Mine and closing with Mahisha Dellinger reciting this call-and-response poem:


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