Did you Catch CURLS at CURLFEST?

If not, we’re here to catch you up with this photo blog post from the CURLS perspective!!!  We had some amazing elements at the CURLS Luau like flowers, popsicles and products galore!!!!  Plus our amazing CURLS Girls.  Speaking of which, our beautiful Jasmine @frecklesmeetscurls was featured on VOGUE’s recap of CURLFEST!  Doesn’t she look beautiful?

Curls made a splash and even had an epic limbo contest!!!!  Thanks so much to all who came through and helped us sell out of our Blueberry Bliss Curl Collection.  Cheers to the Curly Girl Collective,  group of women who give us this opportunity every year!  Hope to see you again next year!

CURLS had some of the hottest bloggers as part of our camp including @amberjanielle, @kathxlynnn and the beautiful @brandirell!  Catch some of their epic images below!

By the way, catch our friend @stylefeen’s perspective on her epic CURLFEST Blog Post HERE!

What do you think?  Will you be there next year to take a pic with the CURLS Girls?