Newly natural curlies are popping up at every twist and turn and everyone has different reasons for taking the curly route and different questions to get them through the journey.

After receiving so many questions regarding curly hair, the most popular question I receive is,” What are the best products for curly hair that I can use on my daughters?”   I have often wondered what could be the motivation of these women.  Unfortunately many women have been forced to make the natural choice due to the damage their hair has endured from chemical treatments or heat styling.  Lately, however, the most popular answer that I have received from others on why they decided to live a chemical free lifestyle has everything to do with their daughters.

They tell me, there’s something special about bringing a child into the world that brings forth so much love and acceptance from within.  Consecutively, a mother can see the child as love itself; adoring everything about them; their eyes, their ears, the shape of their nose.  A mother will love everything, down to each and every hair on their head and then wonder how anyone could ever want to change any little speck of this wonderful creature.  For this reason mothers want their daughters to love their natural curls and they do everything they can to provide them with and the resources to care for it.

From the start mothers want to empower their daughters to love themselves and in order to do this, they also must love their own selves.  Do you remember how you adored the beauty of your mother and you wanted to look just like her?  That is how our daughters see us.  So whichever image you reflect, is the image they will love so love your children’s hair giving them only the best products for curly hair and know that you are making a tremendous impact on the next generation.