If you feel that you would not want to visit the parlor for your regular hair cut, then the other option is to cut your hair yourself. To do that you need to have proper tools. Make sure you invest in some good tools if you love your hair. If you buy cheap products then it will harm your locks. Cheap combs are made of cheap plastics having abrasive edge around the joins. This can tear your hair which is not good at all. Professional brushes may not be as cheap as their plastic counterparts, but they are gentle to the hair and prevent damage.

It is better to get a hair trimmer form a good store if your hair style is simple. This can also double up as a beard trimmer. This way, your investment is justified. Your hair dryer must also be durable. If you have the right tools for a haircut, then you can save a lot of money on hair cuts. You can also let your creative juices flow and experiment with your hair style. However, it is better to go to the salon once in a while in order to find out about new styles.