Not sure why your curls are untamed and frizzy? More than likely your products or lack of product use is to blame. Curly hair needs products! From your shampoo to the finishing touches, the products that you use on your hair determines if your style will coil prettily or spiral out of control under pressure.

What products should you be using? Quality, natural products that have an extremely low alcohol content work best. Remember, not all curly hair products are created equal. In a single, professional product line, there could be dozens of curly hair options. What’s a girl to do? The following tips will help you out:

• Read the product label and learn about the ingredients listed.

• Compare! Compare! Compare! Compare different products of the same product line so that you can learn the different ways that they can be used.

• Don’t be afraid to choose multiple products. At the very least, your arsenal should contain a moisturizing and anti frizz shampoo and conditioner, a leave-in or detangling conditioner, anti frizz styling products and non-drying finishing spray.

• When in doubt, ask. There is nothing wrong with asking advice from someone who has knowledge about a particular product line.

The bottom line: Do not be afraid to use product. Your hair needs it, craves it, and will be a maddening mess without it. Not sure what to use? Study up and ask for help. Good luck and happy shopping for product for your curly hair