Curly Hair Care Tips: What You Might Be Missing

By Tiffani Douglas

Curly hair tips you might be missing.


Caring for curly hair can be a tedious task! From cleansing to trims to conditioning to not pulling it too tight, to sleeping on the right pillowcase – it’s a job! But it’s all worth it when you can finally present your big curly crowns to the world.

Though the prize can be great when you score first place in the curly hair care competition, there are still some areas where many naturalistas are not #winning. It’s not because you don’t try to take good care of your tresses, but because you simply do not know how what to use or what is best for your hair type. So here are some tips on what to watch out for when caring for curly hair.

Use cool or warm water. Cleansing is a big part of curly hair care. It is necessary for healthy hair and scalp but cleansing your hair with hot water can strip your curls of their natural oils. Using warm or cool water is best as it is gentler on your cuticles. Turning down the heat and applying gentle, moisturizing shampoos like Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Wash will aid healthy cuticle function and result in healthier curls.

Go deep. Getting regular deep conditioning treatments once or twice per month is a must for curly hair. Type 4 hair is delicate, dries out easily and is in constant need of moisture. Deep conditioning treatments restore essential moisture and nutrients to the hair shaft making it softer, stronger, more vibrant and manageable. Try Cashmere+Caviar Hair Masque- Deep Conditioner for the ultimate deep conditioning treatment.

Limit or end heat styling. Heat styling can wreck your curls, especially if your hair is already dry or damaged from other external factors, like chemical treatments. You should be loving on your curls always, but if you must pull out the flat iron or the blow dryer more often than not, make sure that you are protecting your hair with the right products. Consider a leave-in conditioner before heat styling to ensure protection. Additionally, you should also use a thermal protectant product, like Cashmere+Caviar Hair Serum, which works wonders to protect your hair from heat damage.

Moisturize daily. If your hair is brittle, dull and lifeless, chances are you’re not moisturizing it often enough. Daily moisturizing is probably one of the most, if not THE most important elements of curly hair care. Without proper hydration, it’s curls or bust. Apply Aloe & Blueberry Juice Curl Moisturizer to keep curls fresh, crisp and moisturized even days after you’ve washed.

 A Few Other Curly Hair Care Tips

  • To prevent breakage, pineapple your curls and tie a silk scarf around your head. Or, invest in a silk pillowcase if the idea of tying a scarf on your head at night makes you claustrophobic.
  • Just because you’ve gone natural, doesn’t mean you should stop seeing your stylist. Go to the salon and get regular trims and maintenance, especially if you wear protective styles. When your ends are not healthy, they can split and affect the healthy hair. So don’t go straight DIY! Keep your hair appointments and get your hair trimmed often.
  • It might seem like a small thing, but the hair bands and hair ties you wear could lead to mechanical breakage from pulling. Invest in silk or satin hair accessories so that when you take them out, you’re not pulling your hair out with them.

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