The harsh rays of the sun and the humidity can be really damaging for your curls. It can cause split ends and make your hair frizzy. So you need to pay extra attention to your curls.
•    You need to trim your curls regularly to avoid split ends.
•    Try and avoid the rays of the sun as much as possible. You can use an umbrella or wear a cap or a scarf. Wearing your
hair in a bun can also help avoid the harsh rays.
•    You can also use a sun hair repair mask if your hair has been exposed to sun rays for too long.
•    Avoid using hot water in your hair. As far as possible use cold water.
•    Also do not use heat as in hair dryers and curlers as much as possible.
•    Avoid putting too much shampoo on your hair. You must use a shampoo that has moisturizers. Conditioning your hair is
a must.
•    Drinking a lot of water hydrates your system and in turn your hair.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle goes a long way in keeping your hair healthy. So keep that in mind.