Living in a family where half of the women have curly hair, I know quite a lot about how to tackle kinky hair. Managing curly hair is quite a menace but if you follow simple curly hair advice,you can get beautiful looking curls easily.

Primarily, you need to get in touch with a good hair specialist and know your hair type. Once, you are done with this step, visit actual curly hair user reviews on the site to review their recommendations on some good quality shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type. Shampoo your hair about three times a week and never forget to condition it; shampooing kinky hair daily can worsen your curls and make them rough so shampoo only twice or thrice a week. Moreover, another very useful curly hair point of advice that I have learnt from my aunt is to apply olive oil to your curls three to four hours prior to washing them; olive oil smooths out your curls and gives them shine. Practice this handy tip and within three weeks, you will notice a great change in your rough looking curls.

All the aforementioned points of curly hair advice are very helpful but they will not benefit you unless and until you get rid of your hairbrush. Yes, you need to throw your hair brush far away from your curls because hairbrushes are very harmful for kinky hair; hairbrush splits up curls and aggravates the coarseness of kinky hair. Replace your hair brush with a comb that has widely spaced teeth; combs improve texture of curls and also keep your scalp smooth. Comb your hair before and after washing your hair; brush wet hair from tips first so the tangles can smooth out.


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