The ever-popular CURLSProfessional organic hair care collection is proud to announce the upcoming launch of the newly designed philanthropic leg of the company, CURLS in the Community-Defining Curls, Changing LivesCURLS in the Community is all about outreach.  Dellinger has always had a passion for giving back.  Since her company’s inception, Dellinger has been active in the Adoptive and Foster Care community and equipping parents adopting across racial lines with the tools necessary to handle their children’s “hair challenges”.  She has truly made a difference, for their hair and in their lives.  CURLS will now extend that reach to hit a number of different areas each year.  It started last year with their Sustainability Campaign, encouraging their customers to “think green” and become Environistas-a term created by CURLS to define socially aware beauty product consumers, and will continue with this month’s “Care & Share” Campaign.

Dellinger is using her professional platform/voice as well as the CURLS extremely engaged social networking audience to encouraging their Salons, Vendors and Customers to get involved and work together with them to help those in need.  On December 11th,  from 11-1pm, CURLS team members led by Dellinger will go into the Downtown Sacramento community and distribute hot lunches and coats to those in need.