It’s a Thing!


CURLS is wisking away a group of world renown bloggers to the beautiful Islands of the Bahamas where we will rest, relax and rejuvenate on a BLISSFUL BLOGGERS RETREAT! Not only that, but this will be a time of give-back.  CURLS CEO and Founder, Mahisha Dellinger’s true heart is found in the empowerment of women and girls.  While in the Bahamas, we will partner with a local non-profit to have our Curls Girls Rule the World Event – Bahamas Edition.  This mentorship event will partner the very successful bloggers with disenfranchised women of color who like Dellinger, did not have a clear path to victory.  Our time together is designed to empower the ladies to know that their destiny is in their hands!


Although we desperately wanted to, we just could not take all of you with us(tear)! But it really is okay, because you virtually can come along with us from your own home.  Our own CURLS Girl and popular blogger @brandirell will escort you via Snapchat and Instagram Stories!  Tune in on August 3rd to see our epic arrival, plus loads of fun and adventurous surprises throughout the journey!  You will NOT want to miss one island beat.

Peep the guest list of our first of many CURLS excursions in the gallery below:

Did you catch some of your blogger faves?  We are loving our curly girl line up of CURListas from all over the world including the USA, Paris, London, Canada and even the Netherlands!

Stay tuned…