CURLS hair care line is taking to the CURLS platform and seizing the opportunity to honor and celebrate the too-often neglected accomplishments of African Americans by honoring their very own CURLoine this Black History Month, Vivian Malone Jones.

Breaking barriers and tearing down walls is exactly what CURLS, CEO and founder, Mahisha Dellinger accomplished when she created CURLS, a natural hair care line that allows all wavy, curly and kinky haired women to love and accept their textured hair. CURLS hair care line was built for strong, fearless, ambitious, and unique women.

Dellinger comes from a line of powerful and courageous African American women. Her cousin Vivian Malone Jones was the University of Alabama’s first African American graduate and one of first two African American students to first attend the University in 1963. After she graduated from UA, Jones joined the Civil Rights division of the U.S. Department of Justice. Vivian Jones was later described as a woman who conducted herself with grace, strength, and above all courage.

Just as Jones broke the mold for African American Women in the education arena, Dellinger is changing the shape for African American Women in the entrepreneurial market. Just ten years after starting her first curly concoction in her kitchen Dellinger has grown CURLS into a multi-million-dollar company that is distributed in over 3000 salons, and is also available nationwide in Target, CVS, Sallys, Rite-Aid and Walgreens.

Dellinger notes, “Vivian paved the way and encouraged African American women like myself to be bold and attack our goals with fortitude and persistence”.

One of the founding principles engrained in the CURLS hair care line is acceptance; she built her hair care line to improve and celebrate the needs of all ethnic haired women. This Black History month join the CURLS platform and honor one their founding curlies Vivian Malone Jones