And the winner is… @4evermrscw!!!!!


What an amazing three month journey we have experienced with different individuals participating in this great opportunity to have support while growing your threads.  If you are just now hearing about the #GROWandSLAY challenge, let me update you!!!

After CURLS came out with the Blissful Lengths Hair Growth Vitamin, our team constructed a concept to help others have support while seeking to achieve their hair growth goals.  Seeing that it is a proven fact that you are most likely to achieve your goals when you proclaim it to others.  We set out on our journey of taking the new liquid vitamin and posting our hair growth twice per month with the hashtag #GROWandSLAY.  Additionally, we offered a weekly product giveaway and a chance to win the GRAND prize of $1000 to the winner that was MOST involved, supportive and committed.  Today, we are here to introduce the winner! Mrs. Kina Weldon!!!

We sat down with Kina to delve a little more into her journey to give a closer peek. Here is what she had to say:

Q. Kina, what was your original goal for this challenge?

A: My original goal was to obtain healthier, thicker hair and to gain at least 1.5 inches of growth. Especially since my hair grows less than the average rate.

Q2. Did you meet that goal?

A2: I actually exceeded my goal! My hair has become healthier, thicker and believe it or not more manageable. I also gained 2.5 inches total and retained all my length with the exception of a little trim that was needed. I went from Bra Strap Length to over Mid Back Length to right at Mid Back Length (after my trim) by the end of the challenge.

Q3: What did you love about the vitamin?

A3:What I love about the Curls Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin is that 98% is absorbed by the body. That’s right, that was the reason I wanted to join this challenge. Also I no longer had to worry about my body putting in extra work just to extract a SMALL portion of a pill form vitamin! Not to mention I LOVE the taste whether it is warm or cold. Another plus side was that I didn’t have any issues with breaking out and my nails were stronger than ever and grew like crazy. Having more energy was a great feeling as well.

Q4: Would you choose to continue on the next growth challenge?

A4: I definitely would continue on the next growth challenge! My weakness is healthy hair challenges. I love seeing others progress and the amount of support that is given becomes addicting. I love seeing others come together to reach a common goal and you can learn so much from others no matter how long you gave been on your journey. It also helps to keep me on track with my healthy haircare practices. In fact I will be continuing on with it indefinitely!

Q5:  How does having healthy hair make you feel?

A5: It feels AMAZING to have healthy hair. That has always been my first goal. With having healthier hair, the length will come but to have it almost the same length (in inches) all the way around is the greatest feeling in the world. We all want our hair to be the healthiest it can be. I can say for that for the first time in years my hair is the healthiest it has ever been. Taking this vitamin, healthy eating, drinking 8+ 16.9 oz bottled waters a day, along with healthy hair care practices, and protective styling helped me to achieve my goal and more.

Congratulations again!  Stay tuned for our next #growandslay challenge.

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