Our hair is one of the crucial elements which beautify us. So it is essential that you treat it with utmost care. It is essential that you condition, moisturize and pamper your hair daily. Curly hair is dry and coarse. Come winters, it tends to get drier. Controlling the frizz may seem impossible. You can battle the harshness of the weather by following a few simple hair regimens.

  • You must try not to use excessive shampoo on your hair. It strips your curls of natural oils. Try not to shampoo more than twice a week during winters. Better still if you can wash your hair just once.
  • You need to deep condition your hair if you want to shine and be full of life. Condition your hair is important for all kinds of hair, especially curly ones.
  • You need to avoid products that are made of mineral and/or petrolatum oil. These oils suffocate the hair shaft and strip it off moisture. It can also clog your scalp pores and hamper hair growth. Instead you can use coconut or almond hair oils to hydrate your hair.

The key is to follow the cleansing and moisturizing routine diligently if you want you hair to look revitalized.