Our hair goes through a lot of torture. The pollution all around really takes away life from it. Even the food and water we consume has lots of chemicals in it. Curly hair is as it is very frizzy and unmanageable. It needs more care than straight hair. Curls have a tendency to have more split ends and get dry. This is where conditioning your hair becomes necessary.

Conditioners improve the texture of the hair. It makes them manageable. Hair needs to be conditioned regularly. It helps in rejuvenating them. In fact you can say that conditioning is preventive care. They help in adding body and bounce to your hair. If you have curls, then it is all the more important for you to apply a good conditioner. Curls usually become dry more often.

Deep conditioners help restore dry hair. The deep conditioners are known to contain protein which helps in repairing the hair damage. You must keep the conditioner on for a longer time so that it gets absorbed. Conditioners moisturize the scalp and reduces friction between the hair shafts. They also help in fighting frizz. So if you have curls then applying a good conditioner is a must.