Curly hair is usually coarse and frizzy. Thus you would need to condition and moisturize it if you want it to remain tamed. Here are a few tips on how to condition your mane for a healthy, bouncy mane.

  • You must pamper your curls with a hot oil treatment ever week if possible. This will add moisture to your hair. This is more important during the cooler months when hair becomes drier. A hot oil treatment is a must if you swim in a pool having chlorinated water. The hot oil treatment opens up the hair shaft.
  • You need to trim your hair every six to seven weeks to take care of split ends. Regular hair trimming makes your hair looking great.
  • You can apply essential oils in a diluted form to make your curls more manageable and shiny. But you must take care to dilute it before applying.

You may have curly hair or straight hair. Either way it should be taken care of. The better you take care of your hair, the better it makes you look. If you have curls that you find impossible to manage, you must take care of it instead of cursing it. With a little care everyday, you curls will shine and make you look gorgeous.