The scalp is different from the skin on the body as it has a rich supply of grease along with hair follicles. Lets look at some common scalp problems
•    Lice in your scalp make it itchy and totally mess up your hair. The moment you realize that you have the deadly bug, you must consult an expert and get rid of it.
•    The scalp sheds dead skin every day as part of the normal cycle. A small yeast call Pityrosporum, is responsible for causing dandruff. As more cells are lost from the scalp, the yeast grows faster to produce flakes that are known as dandruff. You can use medical shampoos made of selenium sulphide or zinc pyrithione to treat dandruff.
•    Hair graying is dependent on your genes mostly. At times you may have premature grey hair due to some disease or excessive stress. One way to fight it is dyeing your hair. However, that too has its side effects.
•    Another major problem is loss of hair. Hair loss can occur due to a variety of reasons. It can be due to any disease or any fungal infection on your scalp. Sometimes an unbalanced diet can also be the reason for your hair loss.

If you see any abnormalities on your scalp then you need to visit a dermatologist immediately. Do not neglect it.