There are various salons and stylists that cater to curly hair. You might not be too comfortable trusting any one with your precious hair. Given below are a few steps that you can follow

  •   You must not be impatient as to which salon or stylist you will go to. Do not go to the very first one you see. Try and compile a list of a few of them and then decide. If you want to go to a specific stylist, then you need to do as much research you can before you go to him/her. Also find out if he/she provides consultation free of cost.
  •     Once you choose any particular salon, you must first visit it to make sure that you like the ambience. Ask questions about the kind of hair products they use. If you do not like anything, it is not too late to change your decision. You must remember that you will need to visit this place regularly and put in substantial money. So be very critical.
  • If you have any hair problems, make sure you tell your stylist before hand. It is one thing to give the stylist creative control and another to protect your hair. Keep your mind open for any suggestions but not at the cost of your curls,

Once you are lucky enough to find a good stylist/salon, show your appreciation. It will do you good.