Check Out UCLA CURLS GIRLS in These Streets!

The CURLS on Campus Teams are out and about!  Check out the happenings of the UCLA street team!!!!  Led by team lead Maaliyah “Mimi” Harris, and supportive team members Amora and Kayla!

Check out the interview and meet the crew!

Question #1: Hello ladies!  Looks like you guys had an amazing time in your community.  Tell me all about this event!

Answer #1: The UCLA Curls Girls decided to sample our products at the Los Angeles Grove. The Grove is a popular shopping center, especially during the holidays, so we thought it’d be the perfect place to get exposure. We mostly walked around with our bags and handed them out to curly girls, and talked about the products, as well as, our hair struggles.

Question #2: That is so amazing and it looks like you had a great turn out.  What was the best part?

Answer #2: The best part of my day was when a teenage girl asked to take a picture with all three of us, because she was inspired by our hair! Also, I loved how happy people were to see young women like ourselves out and promoting the brand and our natural hair.

Question #3: So how long have you been a part of the CURLS team?

Answer #3: I’ve been a CURLS girl member for a couple months now (since October), and loving the experiences its brought me so far!

Question #4: Well CURLS is lucky to have you!  Tell me about your team!  We want to get to know them too!

Answer #4: Kayla and Amora are my homegirls from UCLA! Kayla and I work with a lot of other organizations and groups at UCLA, and we’re also the same major: Psychology! She’s super sweet and bubbly! Amora, I officially met over the Summer, and she’s super sophisticated and classy. She’s really into fashion, and I swear she could be a model!

Question #5: Looks like you all are intentional with the work you are doing.  Tell us what is your message that you are sharing with others?

Question #5: My message to CURListas is that there’s no wrong way to be Curly girl! Rock your curly crown blissfully with pride!
Final message: We love the work you are doing.  Thanks so much for being a part of CURLS and giving back to the Curl Community with your UCLA team!  Until next time!

Check out more about our CURLS Girls at our @theCURLSgirls Instagram page!