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Understand your Curly Hair Porosity

HOW DOES YOUR HAIR ABSORB MOISTURE ? Porosity is determined by how your hair receives moisture.  Some hair absorbs moisture easily and readily. Other curly hair types have a difficult time receiving moisture while there are also types that are somewhere in between. Knowing where your hair lies within the spectrum [...]

Protecting Your Edges Doesn’t Have to be Difficult…

Falling Edges is a sad truth that many face.  For most, our edges grew frail as children, often wearing tight braids or ponytail styles.  Today, start protecting your edges. We'll help you learn how. With so many styling options to choose from today, it can be very tempting to try [...]

Create a Custom Hair Regiment to Jump Start Your Hair Goals on the Right Foot

  Start by answering these questions to determine your greatest needs for your custom hair regiment:   Do I want to grow my hair or maintain my current length and style? How healthy is my hair and how healthy do I want it to be? How much time am I [...]

There Are a Few Things You Can Do To Protect Your Curls When Traveling. Do You Know Them?

         Traveling for many miles on the airways can leave you feeling thirsty, fatigued, and sweaty; all symptoms of jet lag.  That is due to one contributing force; dehydration.  Do you know that the humidity levels inside the aircraft begin around 12% and in flight decrease to roughly 2% [...]

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How Legitimate is the “Co-Wash” Hype for Women with Natural Curls ?

      There was a time when women with ethnic hair would run at the presence of water! I was one of those people.  When Relaxers, Jheri Curls and other chemical treatments were more popular to wear, women felt that water would ruin their do’s.  Today, I encourage you [...]

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