Did you Catch CURLS on the Red Carpet?

Well, catch the recap here!

Curls hair care products were one of the 49th NAACP Image Award Sponsors

This year, CURLS, renown, global hair care brand was one of the 49th NAACP Image Award Sponsors.  What a great time for CURLS to be on the red carpet. With Blackish winning Outstanding Comedy Series, Tracee Ellis Ross winning Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series, and Ava Duvernay winning the award for Entertainer of the Year, this is clearly the year of the black woman and more importantly the year of the natural woman!!!  As told on the Red Carpet by Niata Kirkland, also known as Lil’ Mama, ” Right now we are definitely seeing a lot more of ourselves on red carpet, runway, and tv shows!” The awareness that women of color are more visible than ever in international media outlets and other platforms is the main reason why the spotlight was on the NAACP Image awards this year!

When questioned about why CURLS was interested in partnering for this epic 49th annual edition, Mahisha Dellinger, CEO and Founder of CURLS says,”  It means everything to partner with an organization that is all about advancing our people.  That’s why I created my business. ”

This year, more than any other, the advancement of people of color has been evident through the strong unified voice of “the people.”  For the past few years, people of color have suffered through multiple incidents of injustice, bringing the community together to stand for equality and safety for all men and women.  With the spirit of unity, we have witnessed those with large platforms taking a stand with dignity, pride and confidence on these subjects.  For this reason, CURLS partnership with the 49th NAACP Image awards was so meaningful.  Dellinger shares,” In the 70’s when we rocked our afros it was a political statement.   Now, it’s emotionally charged…. I love who I am and I am beautiful the way I am, naturally! It means so much more to us to say accept me as I am because that is how God made me.”

All we have to say, is this it’s not a trend! Check out Mahisha Dellinger and CURLS on the runway; here!

CURLS is loving where our curly community is headed.  I think Lil Mama said it best, “Our hair can do anything!”  Stay tuned to catch more of what is happening in the CURLS world by following us on Instagram now!