Long hair can really look good but it needs to be maintained properly. If you are the proud owner of long silky tresses, then you must make it a point to keep it squeaky cleanYou get specially formulated shampoo that is suited for long hair. Wet hair is prone to damage. So make sure that you comb your hair with a wide toothed comb to prevent hair breakage.  Also first wrap it with a towel to take out some moisture.

Trichologist’s recommend that you massage your scalp frequently as it improves circulation in your scalp, which in turn gives more elasticity to your hair. Split ends are very common in long hair. This is due to brushing your hair fiercely.

Whenever you notice split ends in your hair, you would first need to snip them off. After that you need to treat your hair gently so that no more split ends appear. You can also use a thick cream conditioner to keep the dry ends under control. Try not to pull back your hair too tightly in order to avoid spot balding.