Dry hair is difficult to manage. If your hair is curly then it is extremely difficult to manage. The frizz needs to be tames. You need to be extra careful while managing dry hair. Make sure you do not wash your hair too often. Too much shampoo will strip your hair of natural oils. This will make it all the frizzier. Use hair friendly products. You will need to avoid heat completely. So bid adieu to blow drying. Try and dry your hair naturally as much as you can.

Your shampoos, conditioners and hair products must have moisturizer in it. Your hair needs to stay hydrated all the time. If you use oil, then it must penetrate the cuticles. Jojoba oil is very good at tackling dry hair. Chemical hair treatments like perming and coloring also need to be avoided. One effective way to battle dry hair is proper nutrition. Have a healthy diet with proper fatty acids in order to nourish your hair.