We take proper care of our body and skin. But when it comes to the hair, we often lag behind. Hair is an important part of our appearance. So it is all the more important for us to take care of our mane. Curly hair is coarse and dry. So we need to keep it moisturized to maintain its health and texture. Especially in winter, it is important that we take extra care to restore the lost moisture from our hair. Our hair tends to develop split ends and the texture becomes rough due to the extremes of weather indoor and outdoor. O it is imperative that we protect our hair from getting totally damaged.

The usual hair care treatment during winter must include a deep conditioner. It should be deeper than what you will use during the summers. You can use a mild one for daily use and use a deeper one every few days. The days you use the intensive conditioner, make sure that you keep the conditioner on for more time. You must use a conditioner that will suit your hair type. As far as possible, dry your hair as naturally as possible. Avoid using a blow dryer.