If cost is one of the constraining factors for you, when it comes to buying quality CURLY hair products, you need not worry anymore. This is because you can avail of the special Curly Q products in economy size.

We suggest that you go for Curlicious Curls cleansing cream in this range. We know that it is your favorite sulfate free cleanser. This rich and thick, sulfate free cleanser is so gentle that you can use it almost daily. It also is moisturizing enough to be used alone!

If you are looking for a cleanser for your chemically altered and color treated hair, this is an ideal choice. Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream is specially recommended for active women.

Among other popular products, available in economy size, is coconut sublime moisturizing conditioner. This is a high quality conditioner that ensures the maximum amount of moisture as well as softness for your excessively dry tresses.

Why do you need to look any further, when the Coconut Cream Moisture 2 The Max is around? The product is so made that it softens even the kinkiest of curls. It is guaranteed to detangle the most unruly tresses. It also moisturizes the driest lock. The success of this wonderful product lies in the rich and pure coconut milk. It is suited for medium to coarse, damaged, dry, and those chemically treated kinky, curly hair.