Curls are the latest trend for styling your hair. Whether they are big or small, loose or tight you can wear them all. Curls are a fantastic way to wear your hair either down or in a specific braided or twirled hairstyle. Curls can frame your face perfectly no matter what type of facial structure you have. When getting dressed up, curls are the one thing that pulls your entire look together. They frame your face and slightly take the attention off your face. They also look beautiful when cascading down your back.

There are several types of curls that can be either natural or accomplished by heat. Those curls being corkscrew curls, Hollywood curls, spiral curls, beach waves, Botticelli curls, corkicelli curls, along with Cherub curls. All these different curls will look absolutely wonderful on anyone. Many women and girls with straight hair would love naturally curly hair. Why wouldn’t they? Curls are a girl’s best friend; they complement you and make you look adorable.

For females with naturally straight hair, in the present time, technology has been made that can easily give you curly hair. There are many different curlers and when you get to the store ready to buy a curler you may just ask yourself, which one is the right one for me? Each curler is made to produce a different curl. Two-inch barrel curler is used to produce big beach waves along with Hollywood curls. A small half to one-inch barrel curler can be used to produce tight spiral curls along with the classic curl. So when purchasing a curler always remember to buy the one that will give you the curl that you desire.

Curls can be worn down or in an up do. They are used in up dos because they give a hairstyle texture and volume. Especially for girls and women with thin hair, before any hairstyle always try to curl your hair because it will give you that extra grip along with some volume.


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