No hair care remedy will work on your curly hair if you are making certain errors. Yes, there are mistakes that people actually make on a routinely basis and these mistakes come in the way of your hair becoming healthier and prettier. Take a look at 3 mistakes that you should always avoid making.

Washing Curls Too Often

It is true that you need to keep your hair clean to keep it healthy but with curly hair, you need to understand one important thing: it lacks moisture. And when something lacks moisture, washing it repeatedly wouldn’t do it any good. So you should wash your curls but limit the number to about thrice a week. This keeps your hair hydrated as well as clean.

Not Getting Your Curls Trimmed

People with curly hair generally do not get their hair trimmed on time. Curly hair normally grows slowly so curly haired individuals fear that their hair would grow even slower if they get it cut or trimmed. But friends, this theory is actually one hundred percent wrong. Hair, be it straight or curly grows faster if you get it trimmed after 3-4 months. When you get your hair trimmed, you get rid of all the dead and split ends; this leads to your hair becoming healthier and when your hair is healthy, it grows quickly. So make sure that you visit your hair stylist after every 3 or maximum 4 months and get your curls trimmed.

Tying Your Curls Tightly

Tying your hair extremely tightly or styling them into hairstyles like tight braids or cornrows is not beneficial for your curls. When you pull your curls, they tend to stretch and it often results in breaking them. Also, curly hair is generally weak and fragile and has a tendency to break away easily; hence you should avoid making hairstyles that involve pulling your hair.


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