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Just to get a feel of our excellent product line, we suggest that you go for wonderful Whipped Cream. It’s absolutely perfect for natural styles (locks, afros, twists and much more) even for kinky, thick, curly hair type (3c-4b). To get best results out of it, before applying to your soaking wet hair, do not forget to emulsifly in hands.

This is a thick and ultra-rich specially made whipped cream that has a warm vanilla fragrance. It will make you crave to taste it so much enticing is its fragrance! The wonderful product ensures simply superb curl definition. It provides frizz protection as well moisture and sheen all while.

The Whipped Cream is enriched with exotic butters, nourishing extracts, botanicals as well as natural oils. If you wish to naturally elongate curls, this heavy cream is right for you. It will also function as gel substitute for the purpose of smoothing edges/slick hair, and also to keep twists in place.

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