Having naturally curly hair is a natural blessing. Some people do not like to have curly hair, and want to make it straight, as they can quite often become an uncontrollable frizzy mess.

Whether a person has curly hair or not depends on the shape of the hair follicle, which in return, determines the shape of the hair shaft. A cross section view of curly hair would look oval, whilst the same for straight hair would be round.

Maintaining and styling curly hair does take a bit of effort. A few great products that are available can make things a lot easier one one’s curly hair. It is a good idea to begin the styling process when the hair is wet, as it is easier that way. As curly hair has a tendency to dry faster, it would also be a good idea to use a few products on it. Using a wide toothed comb as opposed to a brush will also help in detangling the hair.

Different people have a variety of ways to take care of their curly hair. All these methods are usually tried and tested, but may not be suitable for one and all. But if one takes care of curly hair properly, it will look great and receive a lot of compliments.