5 Things You Need to Know About Deep Conditioning Your Curls, Girl

By Tiffani Douglas

One thing natural girls can agree on is that curly hair can get unruly – real quick! In a moment, your lovely locks can easily dry out, and become dull, frizzy and downright unmanageable without proper care. Curl friends know that the key to keeping curls manageable and healthy is making sure that the hair retains the right balance of moisture and protein. And although we use daily leave-ins and regular conditioners, nothing beats a good deep conditioning treatment.

Why should I deep condition my hair?

Damage prevention is the name of the game when it comes to applying deep conditioners. Regularly using deep conditioners for curly hair prevents damage by deeply penetrating the hair shaft to deliver moisture, oils, and vitamins to the hair shaft.

Deep conditioning treatments also improve your hair’s texture making it easier to comb; thus protecting it from mechanical breakage. Additionally, deep conditioners for curly hair prevent split ends and improve your hair’s overall health. To maintain healthy, curly hair deep conditioners are an absolute must, curl friends!

How to properly deep condition your curls?

You may think that deep conditioning is an easy process – and it is – but to get the most out of deep conditioning treatments, there are some factors you should consider.

  1. There are different types of deep conditioners for curly hair and determining what your hair issues are will help you decide which deep conditioning products are best for you. For example, if your hair is dry, choose a deep conditioner for curly hair with intense moisturizing properties, like Cashmere+Caviar Hair Masque-Deep Conditioner. If you want to revitalize your hair after heat or chemical damage, use a deep conditioner for curly hair that contains protein.


  1. After you’ve chosen the right product for your hair, choose a deep conditioning schedule and stick to it. Deep conditioning your hair every two weeks is a good practice, but deep conditioning natural hair once per week yields the best results.


  1. Next, decide how long your deep conditioning treatment should last. Most brands recommend deep conditioning your hair for at least 45 minutes, but if time permits, it’s okay to do a longer treatment. Be careful however not to over-condition your hair. Over-conditioning can result in weak, spongy-feeling hair, so be mindful of the state of your hair and how much time you really need.


  1. Applying deep conditioner is a vital step in maximizing your treatment results. Part the hair into four to six sections, apply the conditioner to the ends, and then work it through to the root. Since the oldest, driest part of your hair is at the tip, apply Cashmere+Caviar Hair Masque-Deep Conditioner to the ends to ensure that the ends get the most love, preventing breakage and split ends.


  1. Deep conditioners contain a lot of good moisturizing elements your hair needs, and the last thing you want to do is cancel out your efforts by rinsing with hot water. Deep conditioners for curly hair opens the pores then penetrates and infuses vitamins and nutrients needed to repair and restore the hair shaft. When rinsing, use cool water to seal in moisture and close the pores.

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