Curly hair? No problem! Get one of the hottest curly hairstyles for holidays without having to struggle too much or worrying if they are good or not since, you can take a hair stylists word for what’s hot and what’s not.

Huge, glossy waves look beautiful either if you are going to the office or planning to head out for the holidays. They can be achieved by using huge iron by twirling it to attain the desired shape. Brush the locks thoroughly and spray your hair generously with a shine spray.

Who says the pin-up look is boring? It is one of the most popular holiday curly hair trends. Achieve this flattering look by tying your hair from the back into a loose bun. Let the front bangs out in order to make them appear as effortless, beachy curls.

Other than the pin-up look, you can also go for a pony. You can rock your curly hair by gently tying a high pony. This will leave your wild curly hair flowing on your back and a nice, clean look from the front.

Fluffy spirals are hard to manage. However, you must not worry as you can side sweep them this holiday season to create a dramatic yet glamorous look. All you need to do is part them to whichever side you prefer and secure them from the back with a couple of Bobby pins and you are set to party!

For another simple, yet pretty look, you could just sweep your hair over to one shoulder. It is absolutely easy to do. You can intensify the look by using a hair spray to secure them and a shine spray to gain that extra shine.

You can go for gorgeous ringlets, messy curls, loose beachy waves, bouncy curls or tousled and textured curly hair this holiday season, as they are all special in their own way.


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