How to Straighten Curly Hair


If your hair is naturally curly, but you love diversifying your look, it’s time to learn how to straighten your curly hair. The trick is to have fun with your hair while preserving it’s most precious qualities, knowing that tetering back and forth with straight and curly hair could present some risks.  Sure, we all know it can be an understandably daunting task that takes a LOT of time, and is rumored to be harmful for hair, but it can also be simplified to your liking. With these simple steps you can have silky, shiny, touchable hair; with movement and without the damage.

Here is how to straighten your curly hair, safely!


Deep Condition Curly Hair

If you want to be a candidate for wearing your curly hair in a straight style, you must get your hair in a healthy state to be able to withstand the potential wear and tear of heat styling. Protect those tendrils with regular deep conditioning treatments. You can do this weekly for severely damaged hair.  For normal, healthy hair, deep condition every 2-4 weeks. Try the CURLS Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Deep Conditioner, which is best used with heat. Apply to every area from root to tip, and allow to set for about 30 minutes under a hooded dryer or Hair Therapy Wrap. This conditioner contains Organic Ho Shu Wu Extract, Green Tea Extract, Shea and Mango butters to restore your strands back to excellent condition.


When is the best time to deep treat curly hair?

The best time is the week before you straighten, and the week after rocking your straight ‘do. These two time periods are carefully selected to ensure your hair is strong and adequately hydrated.  Hair must be strong enough to sustain the medium to high heat temperatures before heat styling and also thereafter.  This is essential to replenishing the weak areas that could have been negatively affected.

Hair Shaft

The Truth about Heat Styling

The fact of the matter is that using heat on your hair could cause damage based on your natural hair strength,  texture, and care placed on the hair. The over use of hot tools could sear your curl pattern making it limp, flat and straight in certain places. It could also cause breakage and dryness.  Hair is meant to be worn in it’s natural state, therefore any altering of the hair texture must be done through water, heat, or chemicals.  All of which pose potential damage either temporarily or permenantly.  Having an honest understanding will help you tread carefully when charting these waters.

How to Straighten – The Procedure

  1. Thoroughly cleanse the hair with a creamy cleanser or a clarifying shampoo like Pure Curls Clarifying Shampoo. You should never apply heat to dirty hair or hair that has a “build up” on the hair shaft. The heat will only make the “build up” adhere to the strand.
  2. Deep Condition the hair with a high quality organic based product.
  3. Rinse and apply a Leave in Conditioner. Try the CURLS Reparative Leave in Conditioner.   The formula is designed to seal inconsistencies along the hair shaft, strengthening the overall strand, providing the first layer of protection from the harsh heat.
  4. Apply a heat protectant to the hair or a high quality oil to seal in the moisture.  CURLS Champagne and Caviar Curl Elixir has a combination of healthy strengtheners and protectors to shield you from the hot heat.
  5. Now, proceed to blow-drying the hair on medium heat. Curly hair typically needs a comb or brush attachment or an accompanying paddle or Denman brush when blowing dry. These added tools spread the heat along the hair shaft while gently stretching the strand into your desired amount of “straightnesss.” Remember to never blow dry sopping wet hair but to let it air-dry a bit first.  Also, stop the blow-drying process when the hair is fully dry.
  6. Choose a high quality flat iron or hot comb tool to straighten your threads. Section the hair in three large sections and then into smaller sections when styling. Pass the tool through the strands one to two times before moving onto the next small section.
  7. When the hair is completely straightened, wrap the hair around your head and secure with clips and let cool. You could also sit under a hooded dryer for a few minutes until the hair has fully cooled. Then drop your wrap, finger style and go!




For healthy hair, minimal heat styling is necessary. Therefore do not apply additional heat in between styling sessions. Maintain the hair by using the wrap technique that is virtually a roller set; only the roller is your head shape!  Secure your wrap with pins and cover with a silk cap before removing the clips. Your hair should rest comfortably in the cap while you sleep and you can release in the morning. Repeat this method every night. You will find that the hair will become straighter and will last longer than using hot tools in between full hair straightening sessions.


Going back to Curly Hair

Finally, the time will come when you will need to go back to natural. Do so by cleansing your hair with a creamy cleanser, rather than the clarifying shampoo this time around. The Creamy Curl Cleanser will add moisture to your strands and help plump up the curls! Follow with the deep conditioning procedure mentioned above followed by the leave in conditioner and style your curls as usual. Isn’t it great to enjoy the many benefits of having curly hair!


So, will you try it?