Let’s Keep It Growing – Debunking Natural Hair Myths

By Tiffani Douglas

Learn about the truths behind these natural hair myths
Whenever something new or unfamiliar is introduced to the masses, so are the myths that surround it. Natural hair got a bad rap – naturally because the natural hair phenomenon was fairly new to the mainstream. Until recently the many did not see much, nevertheless, understand natural hair or how to care for it. But with the introduction of new natural hairstyles, products, and curly hair

Let’s look at 5 natural hair myths and the real truths behind them!

Myth: Kinky or curly hair is stronger than other hair types.

Truth:  No, curly hair is NOT stronger than other hair types. In fact, kinky or Type 4 hair is the most fragile type of hair that exists. Type 4 hair is the most common hair type amongst African Americans and it is an extremely fragile and delicate hair texture that needs lots of TLC. Type 4 hair is coily or tightly curled hair that looks coarse but is very soft and fine, and because of its fine and fragile nature, it requires A LOT of moisturizing and constant maintenance to stay healthy.

Myth: Keep your hair trimmed to make it grow.

Truth:  To ensure your new growing hair is always healthy, keep your ends trimmed often and free from split ends. Getting your ends trimmed every 6-8 weeks is vital to the health of your hair, but trimming doesn’t make your hair grow. Clipping your ends is especially important if you are transitioning, as the ends are the oldest part of your hair shaft and the chemicals on the ends make your hair weaker and more fragile. Apply Blueberry Bliss Hair Growth Oil to your ends to restore your ends and get your hair trimmed regularly to keep your curls healthy

Myth: You can repair split ends if you use the right products.

Truth:  Unfortunately once you have split ends, you’re pretty much fried! The only real solution to “repairing” your split ends is trimming the damaged parts off as your hair grows. To encourage new hair growth and to keep your curly hair strong, apply Cashmere+Caviar Hair Serum-Oil Based Hair Treatment, manageable, strong and soft.

Myth: Every few months you should switch products because your hair stops responding to the old ones.

Truth:  So not true! Just like anything else, as your natural hair grows and flourishes, your hair’s needs change too. Climate, seasons, your health etc. can affect your hair and can change its needs. If you think your hair is not responding to certain products as it once did, evaluate your lifestyle and figure out what adjustments make to your hair cocktail.

Myth: Protective styles make your hair grow.

Truth:  Nope!make your hair grow any faster and if not properly cared for, can even cause breakage if the hair is pulled tightly when braiding or there is too much tension. When wearing a protective style it is important to keep the scalp fresh and moisturized by applying Blueberry & Mint Tea Scalp Treatment.

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