Grow and Slay the Blueberry Way with CURLS Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin


How to Grow and Slay Your Hair Growth Journey

Get ready, now is your chance to really WIN in your quest for hair growth!  Take the 7 step hair growth series with CURLS Grow and Slay strategy and  you will achieve longer, stronger, healthier hair, improved skin and strong nails.  Ready?  Lets grow!

This hair growth journey has no magic spells attached.  It’s just good ole, tried, true and PROVEN hair growth strategies that you can trust.  Make your commitment, make your plan and then work your strategy towards success.

Here is a quick snapshot on what you can do, to revel in the harvest of hair growth.


Think about how long you want your hair to be and visualize the end result.  But wait! Do not visualize haphazardly or quickly.  Take your time and identify how many inches of growth you desire to see after 6 months knowing that the normal rate of growth is about ¼ inch to ½ inch per month based on your lifestyle.  


Your hair care regimen is the road map to get to your goal.  Here is where the magic happens, but let us take the weight off!  Below, is a proven hair care regimen that will get every hair type to longer lengths.


Statistics show that when setting a goal, you can have up to 30% more success if you write down your plan and daily interactions.  Therefore, write down and keep track of what you are doing to  accomplish your daily goals.  Similarly, having a friend involved guarantees accountability.  Grab your fave CURLfriend and let’s embark on this new lifestyle together!

Step #1 – Nutrition

It ALL starts here!  The truth is that the body is a hair making machine!  It uses the food that you eat and the substances that you drink, and pairs them with the effects of your daily lifestyle.  These things are used for the body to operate itself.  The end result involves the body’s production of a keratin based fiber, known as hair.  In order to produce high quality hair, at a rapid rate, you must improve your lifestyle via nutrition, rest, and water.  In this day in age, that can be a challenge, but we have a solution!  Using 1 tablespoon per day of CURLS Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin, your body will naturally produce healthier hair, skin and nails…. at an accelerated rate!

Step #2 – Cleansing

Cleansing your hair is important for regulating your scalp’s sebaceous glands. Producing too much sebum could clog your hair follicles or cause other scalp challenges like eczema.  Too little sebum could cause dry scalp and subsequently, dry hair.  Therefore, cleanse your hair as often as you need, with CURLS Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Wash.  It’s not a cowash, and it’s not a shampoo, but somewhere in between.  In essence, it is a moisturizing cleanser, with no sulfates, parabens or harsh chemicals.  The purpose of cleansing is to rid your hair of excess scalp secretions, dirt and debris from the elements. Most women find that once per week is enough for the average curlista, but let YOUR hair be the judge of that!  You will see a need for more cleansing sessions if you have an oily scalp, an active lifestyle, or if you workout frequently.

Step #3 – Conditioning

Conditioning should occur after each and every cleansing session.  After rinsing thoroughly.  Apply CURLS Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Mask to add long lasting moisture and strength to your hair. This formula will achieve this through it’s high quality emollients and other certified organic nutrients.  This reparative potion is designed with hair growth in mind by repairing damage and preserving the integrity of the hair.  Ingredients like Blueberry Extract are packed with antioxidants to banish free-radicals which leave the scalp and hair purified and balanced.  This extract is also proven to accelerate hair growth and strengthen the hair fibers. Throughout your hair growth regimen, it is important to deep condition the hair often, which would be about 2-4 times a month, based on the health of the hair.  If the hair is healthy, 2 times per month is enough to maintain it’s condition.  If the hair needs more tender, love and care, deep treat your hair 4 times per month.

Step #4 – Moisturize and Seal

The hair fiber is made up of keratin, lipids, minerals and melanin!  However, it’s the small traces of water within the hair fiber that helps keep things in balance.  Without water, the hair will be dry and more prone to breakage at each twist or twirl.  During the hair growth regimen, maintaining your moisture is very important.  There are two key times to moisturize your hair.

After cleansing and conditioning

This is a great time to use your Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave In Conditioner and seal your ends with the Blueberry Bliss Hair Growth oil. 

Whenever your hair needs moisture

You can use your Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave In Conditioner daily, to refresh your curls or nightly for a burst of moisture before going to bed. Always remember to use the Blueberry Bliss Hair Growth oil. on the ends to close the cuticle and protect the moisture from evaporating.

This sealing process is a key component for length retention. This due to the nature of the outer hair shaft which has cuticle layers that protect the hair strand.  These cuticles lay like roof shingles on the hair fiber and raise when moisture is present or when interacting with chemicals. When the cuticle is raised you can add moisture to the hair, but if you do not close the cuticle, you can lose the moisture just that quick! The cuticles lie down with they cool down or when they have been sealed closed with a heavy cream or oil.  Sealing your ends is a proven way to protect the ends from breakage and a necessary step in every hair growth regimen.

Step #5 – Night Time Hair Care

Every night when we are asleep, we toss and turn about.  This could pose a threat to your growth as friction between your hair and your sheets can produce rapid breakage.  Protect your ends by sleeping on a satin or silk scarf.  Better yet, invest in silk or satin sheets and pillowcases for better protection.

Step #6 Styling

Protective styling is the best type of styling when on a hair growth plan.  Enjoy the #bunlife or use protective style updos with twists and loose braids.  You can also style your hair in a long-term extension style.  Just make sure you “take care of your hair under there.”  No matter what style you choose, make sure the tension is minimal, your scalp can breathe, and that you do not leave your styles in past their expiration date. Use Curls Blueberry Stylers to help you achieve your best styles while keeping your hair nourished from root to tip with:

* All Blueberry Bliss Stylers are formulated with certified organic blueberry extract to PURIFY, PROTECT and PRESERVE your hair.

Step #7 – Trim

You will notice that your hair is growing 1/4 inch to 1 inch per month, based on your body.   After 2-3 months of growth, you need to do what I call “cutting the fat,” also known as ” getting a trim.” The trim will help protect your moisture from escaping from spit ends and will rid yourself of the ends of the hair fiber that become old and worn out.  Keep your ends strong by trimming at least 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch every 2-3 months.  Without doing so, your hair will trim itself in the form of breakage!

Keep Your Promises

Finally, make a commitment to yourself.  Don’t you deserve it?  Print of a picture of how you want your hair to look and print this hair care regimen and paste them both on your mirror.  Take a look at them every day and then look at yourself and agree to keep the promise you made!

Check Your Progress

Each month, choose a t-shirt that you will use monthly, and take a picture of your front and side.  This will show you that you are on the right track!  No matter who we are, we all want to see that we are making progress.  Don’t skip this essential step!


Finally, share your results with us by joining our Grow and Slay Facebook Group and posting shots and videos on Instagram and tagging with #growandslay.  

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