How to Accommodate Different Hair Textures in the Home?

 Most families have multiple hair types within the family and it can be a nightmare trying to find one product line to support the differences.  A recent article from National Geographic suggests that most Americans will look similar to how multi-ethnic or bi-racial individuals look today!  We are a few years away from there, but the tide is most definitely changing and swiftly.

It is currently common to have a family like the one below, with multiple textures, multiple skin colors and beautiful differences.  It can be an experience trying to find suitable hair products for every member of the family.  Luckily CURLS has something for everyone.  Within the same company, you can nourish your baby with the It’s A Curl Collection, treat your princess or prince to the Curly Q’s Collection and mommy and daddy have options too!

Check out how simple it is to give ALL CURLS a fighting chance in your household:

Celebrate the Differences

Relax, ease your mind, because the natural hair movement has worked collectively to make sure your little ones grow up in a “texture safe” zone.  The days of “texture discrimination” are almost gone…  Therefore capitalize on what has already been done and take it a step further by making sure to comment on how lovely EACH texture is.  For example, children naturally notice differences in one another and can very simply and easily assign false meaning to something due to lack of understanding.  So, highlight their similarities and differences and complement the unique attributes of each and every one of their hair.  Words like amazing, gorgeous, curly, coily, textured, and soft are words that children love to associate with.  Steer clear of words that have a negative meaning such as tight, tedious, and frizzy.  Positive talk about hair will create a healthy, comfortable environment for hair talk for years to come.

Additionally, assess your mood when you discuss the children’s hair, and even your own hair.  Children read your words, but they also read your tone and body language.  So, go out of your way to reflect happiness when caring and styling your children’s hair and yours as well.  Set the example!

Read the Label and OBEY

When searching for just the right product for just the right hair texture, consider what the bottle says.  Contrary to popular belief, hair care companies like CURLS, go the distance to make sure they communicate the most accurate attributes about a product.  If it mentions being formulated for children, that is who the product is created for, so you can naturally trust the instructions on the label.  After you have spent some time utilizing the products as the packaging suggests, then consider some ways that you can use it creatively or check in with our social portals to stay tuned for tips and tricks of the trade.

No Double Dipping!

Okay mom, dad, brother, or sister, this one’s for you!  Once you find something that works, stick to it for a few months before shifting. Just because there are different products within the home, does not mean you must use them all!  Commit to the products that are for you for at least three months.  This gives your hair time to adjust to the product and gives you time to master the application and techniques of the collection.  Encourage your little ones to do the same, to receive consistent results!  P.S, the products will last longer when multiple hands aren’t in them!

So there you have it.  Let CURLS cater to your household with these collections:

CURLS Retail Items – Formulated for adults and contain certified organic ingredients for frizz free, manageable curls.

CURLS Blueberry Bliss Curl Collection – Formulated for adults to repair, restore and grow your hair.

Curly Q’s  – Formulated for children to young teens to nourish and style developing curls.

CURLS It’s A Curl Collection – Formulated for infants to two years old for gentle, certified organic hair care for baby.

Obtain products for the entire family from a one-stop shop like and start accommodating each hair type within your curly household.